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Richard Krummel, M.Div., Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Krummel is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Houston, Texas. After acquiring his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he completed three years of theological seminary training near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Rochester, New York and was ordained a Christian minister with the degree Master of Divinity (M.Div.). Two of his uncles were also ministers and were models of caring and compassionate human beings for him.

Dr. Krummel then attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. After working in Beaumont, Texas where he was the Director of
Childrens' and Adolescents' Services for MHMR of Southeast Texas, he moved to Houston where he established his professional private practice.

He was also a consultant providing psychological assessements of patients to a local in-patient, substance abuse treatment facility. Dr. Krummel lately has been busy writing a book regarding psychological and spiritual means of managing fear, anxiety and worry. He is a member of both the American Psychological Association and of the National Association of Health Service Providers in Psychology.
Experience & Interests
Dr. Krummel has been a speaker at numerous conferences and workshops as well as on radio and T.V. where his topics have included the following: Anxiety Management; Spirituality; Addictions; Compulsions; ADHD; Learning Disabilities; Relationships; Fears.

His personal interests include: reading; writing; golfing; fly fishing; and travel.

"While you are waiting for someone or something else to change, change yourself."
-- Dr. Krummel

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