Proper Diagnosis
There are many different learning disabilities including:

• Disabilities in academic subjects such as math and spelling.
• Auditory and visual processing problems.
• Auditory and visual memory disabilities.
• Receptive and expressive language disabilities.
• Dyslexia.
• Dysgraphia.
• Slow processing speed for academic material.
Proper Diagnosis

In Children
• Problems following directions
• Easily bored, but only with tasks
• Like visual and motor stimulation
• May not think before acting
• Forget much-such as homework
• Easily distracted
• May be restless and hyperactive

In Adults
• Poor organizational skills
• Poor time management
• Employment/performance problems
• Easily distracted
• May not read for pleasure
• Self-esteem problems including depression
• Relationship/marital problems
Proper Diagnosis
Anorexia Nervosa-
• Restricting Type or Binge-Eating/Purging Type
• Body weight less than 85% of that expected
• Intense fear of gaining weight
• Denial of the seriousness of current body weight
• Undue indluence of body weight on self-evaluation
• The absence of at least three consecutive menstrual cycles

Bulimia Nervosa-
• Purging Type of Non-Purging Type
• Recurrent episodes of binge eating
• Use of self-induced behaviors to prevent weight gain such as:vomiting; laxatives; enemas; fasting; excessive exercise
• Symptoms present at least three months

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