Professional Fees
Payments: Payment is due at the time of service.

Personal checks, cash, all major credit cards and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) debit cards are accepted.

Insurance: We will provide you with the documentation required for submission to insurance companies. Most services are reimbursable to the client by insurance companies as part of their “out-of-network” coverages. In many cases, the amount the insurance company will reimburse to you is the majority of our fees. If required, we will be glad to talk with your insurance company and explain to them the services we will provide or are providing.

Fees: Dr. Krummel is $150 per session and Deborah Krummel is $110 per session.

Fees for assessments such as for ADHD, learning disabilities, and bariatric surgery may vary depending upon what another institution such as a school or university requires or what a physician is requesting. Please call our office at 713.263.0400 for more information.

Making an Appointment
Please call the office at 713.263.0400.

Leave a message and number to call if no one answers.

We will call back quickly.

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